Greater Manchester’s ambition is to become a financially self-sustaining city with the size, the assets, the skilled population and political and economic influence to rival any global city.

With a growing economy, a population of 2.7 million people and over 100,000 businesses, Greater Manchester already competes on a global scale.

The GMLEP sits at the heart of Greater Manchester’s governance arrangements, ensuring that business leaders are empowered to set the strategic course, determine local priorities and drive growth and job creation within the city region. It is central to the wider partnerships established between local government, businesses and educational institutes, and the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

Our strategic ambitions for the city region and our key priorities are set out in the Greater Manchester Strategy and Growth & Reform plan. We have also set out where people can see how we are delivering on that vision and our Annual Performance Report.

Recent Devolution Agreements have provided Greater Manchester with powers and flexibilities to shape the decisions which affect the city region so we can work together to develop a truly place based approach.

The GMCA and GM LEP Combined Single Pot Assurance Framework outlines the assurance arrangements for both the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership (GM LEP) for funding paid as part of Greater Manchester’s integrated ‘Single Pot’. The Assurance Framework is complemented by the Governance Statement which provides further information of the LEP Board membership and governance arrangements.

Alongside the LEP’s Terms of Reference, this document outlines the key practices and standards which are necessary to provide Government and local partners with assurance that decisions over funding are proper, transparent, and that they deliver value for money.

In particular, the Assurance Framework sets out:

How we make sure the way we make and record decisions remains transparent and accountable including publishing our Board meetings, reports and minutes.

The arrangements for funding received from the Government including the publication of financial information

How projects and programmes are commissioned, appraised and prioritised.

How our Board’s SME representative will engage with the SME community, acting as the voice for SMEs on the LEP and championing those issues which affect small businesses.

Our commitment to diversity and our understanding that different people bring different ideas, knowledge and perspectives. As part of this commitment, GM LEP refreshes its board membership every two years to ensure it reflects the breadth of industrial sectors on its Board as well as represents the diversity of Greater Manchester’s people.

Our Conflicts of Interest Policy, Complaints Policy and how Board members must register their interests. Currently all Board members must declare any interests at each meeting as set out in our Terms of Reference and we are compiling a full Register of Interest to be refreshed and published annually.