Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership works to promote growth and reform public services.

The LEP works on a range of projects to realise its ambitions and some recent highlights have included:

Science and Innovation Audit

GMLEP led the Science and Innovation Audit which identified our area’s core strengths in health innovation and advanced materials, along with our fast growth opportunities which focused on the future potential of digital, energy, and industrial biotechnology.

Find out more about the science and innovation audit.

Enterprise Zones

Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership helped establish the region’s two Enterprise Zones: one at Airport City and another life sciences zone at Corridor Manchester. Enterprise Zones offer business rates discounts, simplified local planning laws, tax relief and support.

Find out more about the Manchester Enterprise Zone.

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GM Investment Fund

GMLEP helps oversee the Greater Manchester Investment Fund, which encourages business growth and job creation in the region. The fund offers loans of between £500,000 to £5m to businesses that have difficulty accessing traditional forms of finance.

Find out more about the GM Investment Fund

Manufacturing Champions Network

The Manufacturing Champions Network is led by some of the best manufacturers in Greater Manchester who are supporting the growth and development of ambitious executives in small and medium sized businesses by showcasing best practice and sharing leadership challenges.

Find out more about the GM Manufacturing Network

Alliance Textiles Project

Greater Manchester was built on the textiles industry. GMLEP is supporting the redevelopment of the sector via a programme that focuses on creating and safeguarding jobs, supporting capital projects, skills training and research and development.

Find out more about the Alliance Textiles Project

Low Carbon

Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership encourages businesses to increase their profitability by reducing their environmental impact and taking advantage of the growing market for low carbon and environmental goods and services.

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City Verve

Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership led a partnership of organisations across Greater Manchester to secure the City Verve project. The £10m project will help embed smart technology and the Internet of Things in the Corridor Manchester. Its plans include talkative bus stops, which let bus operators know when commuters are waiting; and a network of sensors in parks and along commuter routes to encourage people to do more physical activity.

Find out more about the City Verve project.

Working Well

Working Well is a project that helps benefit claimants find employment by providing them integrated and intensive support.

Each person taking part in the scheme receives an individually-tailored package of support ensuring that the issues which are holding them back from work are tackled at the right time in the right order by the right people. This approach supports wide group of people including Job Seekers Allowance Claimants, lone parents on income support and people in low-paid work receiving Universal Credit.

The working well scheme is currently helping 15,000 people across Greater Manchester. Currently, around 227,000 people across Greater Manchester claim out of work benefits. The cost to the taxpayer of worklessness and low-paid work has now reached over £2bn.

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