Innovation Greater Manchester

The UK Government has agreed to a three-year Innovation Accelerator pilot with Greater Manchester. Innovation Greater Manchester is now seeking big ideas from businesses and partners to deliver our vision and take our innovation ecosystem from good to great.

You are invited to share ideas by completing the webform below.

Find out more about the Innovation Accelerator here

2030 Vision: Greater Manchester will be a leader of the fourth industrial revolution and known globally for the strength of its innovation ecosystem. We will realise this vision by having an intense focus on our global strengths – in advanced materials and manufacturing, health innovation and life sciences, digital and creative, and green technologies.

Alongside investing in scientific excellence, we will build an environment where we more systematically commercialise and diffuse innovation through existing companies, new players and investors in the city-region, and start-ups. We will create a skills and talent pipeline, improve access to finance and promote deeper business networks that fuel enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Success will mean more high-quality jobs and more productive firms across all parts of the city-region and in all our sectors. It will improve the lives of people across all our communities through increased skills, better opportunities, and consequent improvements to health and reduced inequality. Our approach will be to work collaboratively with anyone who shares our vision. We will work with other city-regions and clusters around the UK and internationally to play a leading role in catalysing a new Innovation Nation.

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